Carsten Lützen: What happens when Scrum Masters get too far from the teams they support

When Carsten started as a Scrum Master, he worked with a team of brilliant developers. The team worked well, and all seemed to function. However, soon after that, Carsten started working with a second team, and the problems started. Carsten found that he had let the team to its own devices, and grew apart from the team that had been working so well. Listen in to learn what happens when Scrum Masters get too far from the teams they are supposed to help! 

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About Carsten Lützen

Carsten is an Agile Coach at the LEGO Group. Before that a Scrum Master for different teams. He has a deep love of graphical facilitation and professional coaching. Besides his full-time job, he shares weekly tips on YouTube and LinkedIn on Agile, Facilitation, and Coaching.

You can link with Carsten Lützen on LinkedIn and connect with Carsten Lützen on Twitter.