Carsten Lützen: Can you explain why your work matters? A success definition for Scrum Masters

Beyond the necessary assessment of what happens in the team when the Scrum Master “gets hit by a bus”, there are a few other things that Carsten looks at to assess his success as a Scrum Master. We explore the relationship between team and PO, as well as how well the team understands why what they are developing matters, and is valuable!

Featured Retrospective Format for the Week: The Retro Wheel, a new format

As Carsten puts it when we start recording: “the best Retro format is ‘a new one’”. Nevertheless, he also has a favorite format, one that makes conversations easy, and helps the team generate positive collaboration energy. His favorite format is “The Retro Wheel”, a starfish retrospective format with one addition: appreciative feedback. 

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About Carsten Lützen

Carsten is an Agile Coach at the LEGO Group. Before that a Scrum Master for different teams. He has a deep love of graphical facilitation and professional coaching. Besides his full-time job, he shares weekly tips on YouTube and LinkedIn on Agile, Facilitation, and Coaching.

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