Ademar Perez: Destroying products, one feature at a time

In this episode, we talk about the contrast between the PO that only wants more features, and the PO that focuses on understanding and communicating the “big picture”.

The Great Product Owner: The Big Picture PO

Ademar’s example of a great PO was a person that was able to effectively communicate the Vision and convincingly justify the “why” for the stories presented to the team. This PO was intimately aware of the goals and direction of the business, and was able to regularly and constantly remind the team of the “big picture”. 

The Bad Product Owner: The “more features” anti-pattern

The team was able to work well within the Scrum framework, however, the PO only asked for “more features”. For this PO, “shipping more features” was just enough. The PO did not talk or explain the business goals and the outcomes for the work asked of the team.  

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About Ademar Perez

Ademar Perez is cultivating high-performing product teams as an Agile Coach at Xero. He fell in love with the Agile way of working after seeing 5 to 6 scrum teams collaborate to develop a customer-facing application. Since then, Ademar has helped over 30+ teams become self-organizing and high-performing.

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