Mustafa Ergun: Implementing small enough increments with the MVI concept in Scrum

In this organization, Mustafa noticed that the prioritization process was not working very well, and was a topic of discussion. The organization tried to use the concept of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product), but the discussion around MVP’s still led to very large increments. Then Mustafa worked with the Product Owner to implement a different approach. They devised the idea of the Minimum Viable Increment (MVI), and helped the team adopt and implement that idea. Listen in to learn how Mustafa helped the team go from MVP to MVI and learn to release/deliver incrementally.

About Mustafa Ergun

Mustafa is an experienced Scrum Master. He has a passion for helping individuals and organizations see their potential and make things better. His current focus is on improving teams’ performance through insightful facilitation. Mustafa is always eager to learn, share his experience with others and enjoys seeing people succeed.

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