Mustafa Ergun: A critical lesson for Scrum Masters hosting Big Room Planning sessions

Mustafa started his Agile journey when he learned about Lean. When he learned about Scrum, he then volunteered to work as a Scrum Master. Soon after that he worked in an organization with several teams. As he, and his colleagues started facilitating a cross-team planning session (aka Big Room Planning), he realized that the team members were “lost”. It was time to pull the handbrake! Listen in to learn how Mustafa and his colleagues turned that situation around. Learned from their failure to setup the session properly, and quickly regrouped to help the teams benefit from that planning session! 

About Mustafa Ergun

Mustafa is an experienced Scrum Master. He has a passion for helping individuals and organizations see their potential and make things better. His current focus is on improving teams’ performance through insightful facilitation. Mustafa is always eager to learn, share his experience with others and enjoys seeing people succeed.

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