Ademar Perez: The problems that happen when the team listens to the Product Owner, but does not understand the customer

Ademar joined a team that was dependent on the Product Owner to create and prioritize the User Stories for the team. The team would always wait for the PO to drive the conversation, and would never challenge or question the PO’s ideas. It was a “yes” team. Ademar found out that this team had been told that “the PO is the customer!” But this was hiding a bigger problem, the team did not know who the customer really was. Listen in to learn about the anti-patterns that develop when the team does not think about the customer on their own. 

In this episode, we refer to Marty Cagan’s work as well as the Scrum Guide

Featured Book for the Week: The Scrum Fieldbook, by JJ Sutherland

In The Scrum Fieldbook: A Master Class on Accelerating Performance, Getting Results, and Defining the Future, by JJ Sutherland, Ademar learned that Scrum is not only made for software, it can work in any industry and organization. In this segment, we also refer to Coaching Agile Teams, by Lyssa Adkins


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About Ademar Perez

Ademar Perez is cultivating high performing product teams as an Agile Coach at Xero. He fell in love with the Agile way of working after seeing 5 to 6 scrum teams collaborate to develop a customer facing application. Since then, Ademar has helped over 30+ teams become self-organizing and high-performing.

You can link with Ademar Perez on LinkedIn.

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