Ademar Perez: A consultant’s journey as a Scrum Master in a high-pressure environment

Ademar started as a project manager. As he tried to find solutions to the problems he was facing, he found Agile. From there it was a short jump to being a Scrum Master and a project manager for Agile projects. The story he has to share is one where he was brought into a team that was in trouble. The communication with the client wasn’t working. And to top that off, he had to deliver bad news to the client. Listen in to learn about how to deliver bad news, and also how to work as a Scrum Master in a client project, where the stakes were high. 

About Ademar Perez

Ademar Perez is cultivating high-performing product teams as an Agile Coach at Xero. He fell in love with the Agile way of working after seeing 5 to 6 scrum teams collaborate to develop a customer-facing application. Since then, Ademar has helped over 30+ teams become self-organizing and high-performing.

You can link with Ademar Perez on LinkedIn.

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