Nagesh Sharma: Helping Scrum teams reach independence and self-organization

In this organization, the skills were not well divided between the teams. As this story starts, we hear of a team member that was helping 5 or 6 other teams because they were the one that had the necessary skills. How do we address this “unevenness” in skills between the teams? In this episode we discuss what we can do, as Scrum Masters, to better prepare our teams to be self-sufficient, and it all starts with looking at the skills in each team. 

About Nagesh Sharma

Nagesh is a Professional Scrum Trainer by, He is Co-Founder & CEO of Flowsphere India. His mission drives him in increasing the joy and accomplishment people feel with agile ways of working. Nagesh is a Management 3.0 & collaboration Superpowers Facilitator. Trained more than 3000 people across the globe and an active speaker at various international conferences.

You can link with Nagesh Sharma on LinkedIn and connect with Nagesh Sharma on Twitter.

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