Kamal Hans: How Scrum Masters help teams succeed, building a learning team

Scrum Masters are there to help the team learn. Therefore, when we think about success for Scrum Masters, we need to look at what we have helped the team learn with our presence. But this brings a challenge, as Scrum Masters, we must help the team make time for learning. The team’s goal is not only to “code”, it’s to learn and improve over time, both on the “coding” but also other aspects (like being more customer-centric). 

Featured Retrospective Format for the Week: The 4 L’s, I Long for, I Learned, I Liked, I Lacked

The 4 L’s format, which was mentioned in a previous episode, is all about learning. With the “Like” question, we help create empathy, with “lacked/longed for” we explore what the team was missing, and with the “learned” question we help transform mistakes into hopeful lessons for the team.

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About Kamal Hans

Kamal Hans believes people are capable of incredible things if they have the support they need. He is at his best when he gets to connect people with each other and their vision, create a structure of support, build a system to achieve their goals to accomplish bigger things than themselves. As an Agile Coach and disciplined facilitator, he has worked with global organizations like Ericsson, and Bose to name a few. 

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