Sarah Finn: Helping teams that are new to Scrum

When working with agile adoption, Sarah reminds us that we must help build momentum in the team by focusing on small wins at the start. This is especially important when working with a new team, that is not yet familiar with us. As time goes by, the team will learn to trust the change process is there to help them, not make it more difficult for them. 

When helping new teams adopt Agile, it is also critical to involve them in the process with simple techniques like asking them if they want, and feel ready, to run the Scrum ceremonies themselves. 

Featured Retrospective Format for the Week: The 4L’s retrospective

Sarah shares the 4L’s retrospective, a format that helps the team focus on the small improvements that create and foster a culture of continuous improvement. 

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About Sarah Finn

Sarah Finn is an Agile Coach, within an Agile Practice Team in Red Hat. Sarah currently works with an open-source community facing team called “The Community Platform Engineering Team”. Sarah also helps co-manage the Agile DevOps Community of Practice. Sarah believes by simply creating a safe environment for discussion & collaboration can open up so many opportunities to work together towards continuous improvement.

You can link with Sarah Finn on LinkedIn and connect with Sarah Finn on Twitter.

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