Sarah Finn: Helping beginner teams adopt Scrum

When helping a team adopt Scrum, we need to be aware of their journey with Agile and Scrum. This particular team, as Sarah learned quickly, was not ready, and Sarah has just thrown the team to the deep end of Scrum adoption. This is a great story for Scrum Masters wanting to learn how to help teams that are just at the start of their journey, and even skeptic of Agile. 

About Sarah Finn

Sarah Finn is an Agile Coach, within an Agile Practice Team in Red Hat. Sarah currently works with an open-source community facing team called “The Community Platform Engineering Team”. Sarah also helps co-manage the Agile DevOps Community of Practice. Sarah believes by simply creating a safe environment for discussion & collaboration can open up so many opportunities to work together towards continuous improvement.

You can link with Sarah Finn on LinkedIn and connect with Sarah Finn on Twitter.

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