Ravi Jay: Leadership skills for Scrum Product Owners

Leadership is one of the key set of skills that we must help PO’s master. When working with PO’s we must pay attention to their ability to work with multiple different stakeholders.

The Great Product Owner: Leadership skills for Scrum PO’s

Leadership is one of the key skills that Product Owners need to develop. After all, their work depends on many people making the right decisions for the products they own. In this segment, we talk about some of those aspects of leadership that Product Owners must be good at.

The Bad Product Owner: Playing the PO role, a first-person story

When Ravi played the PO role, he experienced how hard it was to take his own advice. We discuss some of the most difficult aspects of the PO role, and some of the signs of problems to look out for as Scrum Masters.

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About Ravi Jay

Ravi started his career as a Mainframes developer in 2004 and was introduced to agility in 2007. He went from hating Scrum Masters to loving Kanban very quickly but became a believer in agile methods after learning by losing money implementing SAFe in his London-based startup in 2011. Over 16 years, Ravi has specialized in driving value out of complex software, hardware, firmware and organizational change programs using various large-scale agile and traditional methods across industries. He enjoys spending time coaching and building teams that create products, people love to use.

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