Ravi Jay: From “output” success to “outcome” success questions for Scrum teams

When thinking about Success for a Scrum team, Ravi shares 5 questions that he asks often to assess the team’s state. Ravi also shares why he does not ask any more “output-focused” questions when assessing the team’s success, but rather focuses on the impact of their work. 

Featured Retrospective Format for the Week: The Dart Board Retrospective 

A fun and visual format, the Dart Board (resource: a Trello board filled with many Retro formats) is a way to discuss the last sprint from different perspectives: People, Process, and Product. Use this format to help make sense of many different trends in the team.

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About Ravi Jay

Ravi started his career as a Mainframes developer in 2004 and was introduced to agility in 2007. He went from hating Scrum Masters to loving Kanban very quickly but became a believer in agile methods after learning by losing money implementing SAFe in his London-based startup in 2011. Over 16 years, Ravi has specialized in driving value out of complex software, hardware, firmware and organizational change programs using various large-scale agile and traditional methods across industries. He enjoys spending time coaching and building teams that create products, people love to use.

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