Ravi Jay: A change management warning: “local success and collective failure”

Change is never an easy process, and in modern organizations that is made even more difficult because of the complex links and dependencies between the different areas. In this episode, Ravi shares how by succeeding at change in one part of the organization, the problems became worse, a typical case of “local success and collective failure”.

About Ravi Jay

Ravi started his career as a Mainframes developer in 2004 and was introduced to agility in 2007. He went from hating Scrum Masters to loving Kanban very quickly but became a believer in agile methods after learning by losing money implementing SAFe in his London-based startup in 2011. Over 16 years, Ravi has specialized in driving value out of complex software, hardware, firmware, and organizational change programs using various large-scale agile and traditional methods across industries. He enjoys spending time coaching and building teams that create products, people love to use.

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