Omar McNeil: What happens when the Scrum Master does not protect the team?

Omar was working with a team that was constantly interrupted by their manager. As Scrum Masters, we need to be able to help the team overcome, and even eliminate constant interruptions. In this story, we hear what can happen when the Scrum Master isn’t ready to step in at the right time and protect the team.

In this episode, we refer to the book How To Manage Your Manager by Milo Denison.

About Omar McNeil

Omar is a Principal Agile Practitioner at Red Hat. Prior to Red Hat, Omar worked in the Federal Government space as an Agile Practitioner Consultant, Project Manager, and Scrum Master. He has a passion for helping teams create a collaborative and safe environment, participating in Agile Communities, and coaching. 

You can link with Omar McNeil on LinkedIn and connect with Omar McNeil on Twitter.

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