Ines Garcia: Helping a Scrum team that had grown too big

This particular team had been extremely successful up to the point when this story starts. From a single, small team providing a niche product, the company and the team had grown to serve over 2 million customers. The small, 4-people team, had grown to 40, and nothing was simple or easy anymore. The story starts with team struggling to organize and deliver on the Sprint planning. Ines helped the team to go through an evolution and change to be able to get to the same level of predictability. 

If you want to read through the story in detail, Ines has written an article for you to read and base your own change process on her learning. Read Ines’ article on Facilitating a change process here.

About Ines Garcia

Ines is an Agile Coach, a Certified Scrum Professional® (CSP-SM), and a Salesforce MVP. She focuses on helping organizations every day to become more Agile whilst delivering Salesforce technology. She consults, speaks, and trains in these arenas always with the end in mind of enabling an evolution (not revolution).

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