Jakub Jurkiewicz: Working with culture change, a practical guide for Scrum Masters

Jakub was working in an organization that needed a culture change. At first, the difficulty was how to address the topic. Culture is a fuzzy enough idea that even talking about it isn’t easy. Jakub and the team at that organization decided to setup a conversation about emotions. Using a card-facilitation technique they helped the teams co-create the Vision for where they wanted the culture of that organization to go. 

Jakub shares the aspects they focused on to be able to define, and later change the culture of that organization.

About Jakub Jurkiewicz

Jakub is a kaizen practice lead who participated in his first standup in 2005 and facilitated his first retrospective in 2007. Previously a software developer, team leader, Scrum Master and Agile consultant, Jakub is also, a podcaster and trainer at Agile Coaching Lab. Loves wine, bicycles and his wife (in the reverse order).

You can link with Jakub Jurkiewicz on LinkedIn and connect with Jakub Jurkiewicz on Twitter

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