Helen Garcia: Meeting our team members where they are, a key lesson for Scrum Masters

Helen was a Project Manager before changing to the Scrum Master role. That transition was not an easy one, and she shares her struggles and lessons learned. 

The story we explore in this episode is about how sometimes we fail to take into account that our team members may be at a different step of the journey than we are. We talk about what that means in practice, how it affects our performance, and discuss some tips to make sure that we always meet our team members where they are, in their own learning journey. 

About Helen Garcia

Helen’s been in projects for over 10 years, everything from construction to pharma to more recently gaming. Not only does she want to bring an Agile mindset to organizations that are ready for change but she also strongly believes that Agile can be just as effective at home. Bringing value sooner, safer and happier thanks to Jon Smart it’s a quote Helen take most places!

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You can also visit Helen Garcia’s website to learn more about her work.

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