Chris Foley: Starting the Agile adoption journey on the right foot

When organizations start their journey towards agility, it is normal, and predictable that not all participants in the journey will have the same level of understanding. In this story, Chris shares the common misunderstanding around the estimation conversation, and how it may generate conflict between teams and stakeholders. What’s a Scrum Master to do in those situations? First, we need to start by recognizing what step of the journey we are in, and what is still ahead of us! But there’s a lot more that Chris shares about the start of the Agile adoption journey.

About Chris Foley

Chris is a Principal Systems Design Engineer at Red Hat working in the area of Engineering Improvement. He has over 20 years of experience in software and has filled PO and ScrumMaster roles. The team, to Chris, is the essence of the whole process and the Scrum Masters role is to help optimize that. He uses his experience from the sporting world to draw parallels around how successful teams function.

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