Chris Foley: How can we develop a really good, functioning Scrum team?

We start by assessing that “a really good, functioning team” is what success looks like for a Scrum Master. But we continue by developing that idea, and discussing some of the characteristics of great teams. In this segment, we also address the critical subject of “language” in teams, and how the lack of that common language can negatively impact a team.

Featured Retrospective Format for the Week: Future-spective, traveling to the future

In this segment, we talk about the forward-looking retrospective (the future-spective), which allows the team to imagine, and define what success would look like, including the behaviors and the conditions need to setup “now” to be successful in the future. 

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About Chris Foley

Chris is a Principal Systems Design Engineer at Red Hat working in the area of Engineering Improvement. He has over 20 years of experience in software and has filled PO and ScrumMaster roles. The team, to Chris, is the essence of the whole process and the Scrum Masters role is to help optimize that. He uses his experience from the sporting world to draw parallels around how successful teams function.

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