John Albrecht: Scrum Builders, an effective Agile Retrospective format

When we discuss success with John, he brings up the idea that Scrum Masters that are successful have the ability to go off and do something else (outside the team) while the team focuses on their own goals and Sprint. In this episode, we also describe 7 characteristics of great Scrum teams.

Featured Retrospective Format for the Week: Scrum Builders

The Scrum Builders game that John Albrecht developed, is about helping teams reflect on their actions during the Sprint. John was working with a team at the time that was constantly overcommitting and needed to reflect on what was pushing them towards that anti-pattern.

Listen in to learn how to use the game to help your teams reflect on their behavior during the Sprint.

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About John Albrecht

Agile Person, for the team by the team, used to be a developer. Got into Agile via Extreme Programming (XP), then Kanban, then Scrum. Some of his key ideas are Principles over Practices, #noestimates, love working with teams and organizations, the softer side, finding what they and customers need and what works for them.

You can link with John Albrecht on LinkedIn and connect with John Albrecht on Twitter. 

You can learn more about John Albrecht’s work at Scrum Lake, and All Agile websites.

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