John Albrecht: Learning to lead change for Scrum Masters

“Everything we do is about change.” This is the phrase we start the episode with. John shares his experience on how to bring and support change in organizations and teams. In particular, we hear the story of a startup, and how bringing people together to a shared goal was the task at hand. 

In this episode, we talk about the Google Design Sprint as well as the NoEstimates book.

About John Albrecht

Agile Person, for the team by the team, used to be a developer. Got into Agile via Extreme Programming (XP), then Kanban, then Scrum. Some of his key ideas are Principles over Practices, #noestimates, love working with teams and organizations, the softer side, finding what they and customers need and what works for them.

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You can learn more about John Albrecht’s work at Scrum Lake, and All Agile websites.