The Best Blog posts of 2020 On The Scrum Master Role: collecting the best blog posts from 2020, and you can help!

I’ve been working on a collection of great blog posts about the Scrum Master role. If you have a favorite article on the Scrum Master role, or it’s goals and responsibilities, let me know by submitting it here:

To start off this series, I’ll review a post by Gilberto (who’s been a guest here on the podcast), and submitted by Emmy (thanks Emmy!).

In this post, titled “Scrum for the people”, Gilberto explains how he got inspired to look at the Scrum Master role differently after reading  “Por un Scrum Popular” by Tobias Mayer and Alan Cyment (English version: The People’s Scrum by Tobia Mayer).

As Gilberto puts it: “It showed how noble, people-oriented and not at all selfish the profession could be”.

Gilberto laments the idea many have, that the “focus is to leave that role as soon as possible instead of growing and developing it.” And he comments: “This is not the Scrum role I signed for.”

I agree with Gilberto!

He then goes on to explain what the Scrum Master role is about for him, and highlights what he thinks defines a great Scrum Master.

He finishes the article with his own approach on how to become a “Scrum Master for the people”.

Gilberto’s article is an inspiring reminder of what the Scrum Master role can be when we put our energy and focus on becoming better in the service of others. The core aspect of being a Scrum Master!

What articles about the Scrum Master role inspired you during 2020? Let us know by submitting your favorite article below, and let’s build our own “The Best Blog Posts about the Scrum Master role from 2020” list! A list by Scrum Masters for Scrum Masters!

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