Mahesh Jade: Using metrics to trigger conversation in Agile retrospectives

Mahesh shares what he learned about helping teams succeed. We talk about the importance of celebrating small victories and fostering an environment where team members feel safe enough to bring up ideas and questions to the Scrum Master.

Featured Retrospective Format for the Week: Using metrics to trigger conversation

Mahesh refers to the retrospectives as an opportunity for teams to “restart”, to improve and move on. He suggests we consider different formats when preparing our retrospectives, but focus on collecting metrics with the team, and presenting and discussing those in the retrospectives. He also shares some tips on how to prepare the retrospective to maximize team member participation.


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About Mahesh Jade

Mahesh is an Agile evangelist dedicated to championing the cause of building winning teams and winning products. A facilitator by passion, a coach, and an agilist at heart, he works to bring agility to the organization and humanizing the workplace. 

You can link with Mahesh Jade on LinkedIn and connect with Mahesh Jade on Twitter.

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