BONUS: Peter Oliver-Krueger and Michael Dougherty on shifting from “product” to “people” centric practices in your Agile adoption

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Peter and Michael just finished the first half of a book they are writing together on the topic of shifting our attention, and focus from the “product” focused techniques to “people” focused techniques in order to achieve superior performance. 

The first four chapters of the book are freely available here. Sign-up to get the first four chapters today.

Listen to the podcast with Peter and Michael in the player below, and check out the show notes with the details of the topics discussed.

The third wave of Agile adoption: People focus

As Peter and Michael describe it, we went through different phases of Agile adoption in the industry. The first phase was a move away from projects and into a “product” thinking approach to software development. The move to focus on people is according to Peter and Michael, the third major shift in our industry. 

That’s why they decide to write the “Shift” book, a sort of The Phoenix Project for Product Managers and Product Owners. 

Using tools from psychology, they layout a way for teams that have already achieved proficiency in Agile software development to take their practice to the next level: focusing on impact, not Agile adoption.

A different way to tell a story: focusing on creating empathy

Peter and Michael have a unique way to bring across the concepts and ideas that they have developed over the years. Inspired by books like The Phoenix Project, The Goal, and even the Game of Thrones series, they tell a story from different perspectives. Each character in the book has been developed with a certain personality and psychological traits in mind to create a “psychological landscape”, and not only a soft backdrop to the knowledge they want to share. 

Their goal is to use in the book, the methods they use in real life, focusing on people, their different perspectives, and trying to create a landscape and context that the reader can easily empathize with.

Their goal is to use in the book, the methods they use in real life, focusing on people, their different perspectives

Simple, yet powerful principles named so that you can have fun!

From the Ratatouille Principle to the Double Aces and the American Metrics (Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness) the coach character in the book introduces some concepts to the audience that are named to be memorable, and also fun! After all the book is about focusing on people, and what they need to be successful. 

In this segment, we hear about the role of the coach in the fictitious organization created for the book and what are the aspects he brings to the story. 

The book shares the holistic techniques to improve your Agile transformation, techniques, and tools to help your organization go further in the Agile adoption and why managers think the way they do, so you can coach better. You, the Scrum Master and coach are at the center of this story. 

Shift: From Product to People is a BETA BOOK in our book series for the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast, and you can download the first four chapters of the book freely here.


About Peter and Michael

Pete Oliver-Krueger is an entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, and consultant for Agile, Lean Startup, and Teal management. He specializes in the psychology of building product development teams, following the principle that “how one introduces techniques is more important than which techniques.” He works closely with startups and enterprise organizations exploring the question, “What should we build?” He started his career as an engineer at Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute, helped launch the first accredited online university, and has lead Agile transformations for USA Today, TD Ameritrade, the IRS, and more. He is also co-organizer for the DC Lean Startup Circle.

You can link with Pete Oliver-Krueger on LinkedIn and connect with Pete Oliver-Krueger on Twitter. 


Michael Dougherty, “Agile Mike” has over 25 years of experience with software development and product leadership. He is published under the “Built for Success” column in magazine and held the position of Vice President in the Agile Leadership Network. 

Michael has taught multiple SAFe courses for over the past three years to over 400 people. He is certified SAFe SPC5, AWS Cloud Architect, ICP-CAT (Coaching Agile Transitions), AHF (Agility Health Facilitator), Scrum CSP, and PMP.

You can link with Michael Dougherty on LinkedIn and connect with Michael Dougherty on Twitter




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