Ronny Deicke: Organizing the retrospective that your Scrum team needs right now

When it comes to our success as Scrum Masters, Ronny focuses on the team’s journey. He asks if the team is taking brave steps to improve their work, and collaboration with stakeholders. Ronny shares some examples of what might look like in practice.

Featured Retrospective Format for the Week: Organizing the retrospective that your Scrum team needs

Ronny shares that he uses many formats, but that he focuses on preparing a retro that the team needs at that time. In this segment, we talk about several formats, and how to prepare one based on the team’s situation in that Sprint.


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About Ronny Deicke

Ronny is a Scrum Master and Agile coach with a developer and team lead background. Currently working as a part-time Scrum Master and in the rest of the time giving (agile) workshops, supporting people as a coach and Agile Coach. Video game enthusiast and Indie developer on the side.

You can link with Ronny Deicke on LinkedIn and connect with Ronny Deicke on Twitter.

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