Adrienne Rinaldi: The Google Translate Agile Retrospective

The Scrum Master role is one that demands especially a lot from our emotional intelligence. In this segment, we talk about what Emotional Intelligence looks like in practice for Scrum Masters, and how to learn to improve in that aspect of being a facilitator, a coach and a Scrum Master!

Featured Retrospective Format for the Week: The Google Translate Agile Retrospective

When helping a team that did not have English as the mother tongue, Adrienne was forced to innovate and come up with a method that would allow the team to express themselves naturally, while at the same time helping her, as the Scrum Master, facilitate that conversation. She came up with a unique approach: the Google Translate Agile Retrospective! Listen in to learn how Adrienne overcame the language barrier between her and the team.

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About Adrienne Rinaldi

Adrienne Rinaldi is an Agile Transformation Coach and co-founder with PinnacleTek Consulting. She has a passion for topics such as emotional intelligence in agile leadership, cultural transformations and breaking the norms in hierarchical organizations. She has enabled value-based strategy and business agility at many levels of client organizations: teams, programs and portfolios. When not being an agilist, Adrienne’s activities a published book (about beer and yoga!), mountaineering, hiking (Colorado 14er finisher), kayaking and spending time with friends/family.

You can link with Adrienne Rinaldi on LinkedIn.