Adrienne Rinaldi: Scrum Masters as the lighthouse in impossible situations

As Scrum Masters, we will sometimes face an impossible situation. Or at least, it will seem that way. In this episode, Adrienne tells the story of a team that was set up for failure, and we explore what Scrum Masters can do in those situations. 

About Adrienne Rinaldi

Adrienne Rinaldi is an Agile Transformation Coach and co-founder with PinnacleTek Consulting. She has a passion for topics such as emotional intelligence in agile leadership, cultural transformations and breaking the norms in hierarchical organizations. She has enabled value-based strategy and business agility at many levels of client organizations: teams, programs and portfolios. When not being an agilist, Adrienne’s activities a published book (about beer and yoga!), mountaineering, hiking (Colorado 14er finisher), kayaking and spending time with friends/family.

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