Adrienne Rinaldi: Helping Teams adopt Scrum, with tools and training

When we help teams adopt Agile, and practice Scrum, there are some common problems we need to prepare for. In this episode, we talk about the skills and role training that are required to get a team started with Scrum, and how the first few sessions on story writing and planning are so important. Adrienne shares some of the tools and approaches that have worked for her when helping teams that are just getting started.

About Adrienne Rinaldi

Adrienne Rinaldi is an Agile Transformation Coach and co-founder with PinnacleTek Consulting. She has a passion for topics such as emotional intelligence in agile leadership, cultural transformations and breaking the norms in hierarchical organizations. She has enabled value-based strategy and business agility at many levels of client organizations: teams, programs and portfolios. When not being an agilist, Adrienne’s activities a published book (about beer and yoga!), mountaineering, hiking (Colorado 14er finisher), kayaking and spending time with friends/family.

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