Ronny Deicke: The ultimate measure of speed for Scrum organizations that want to go “faster”

When asked to work on a company transformation, Ronny and his colleagues were given a very fuzzy assignment: “make this go faster”. At that time, the question was so fuzzy they didn’t even know where to start. However, when looking for what “slow” meant for the company they stumbled upon the solution. Listen in to learn what that was, and how they measured the speed during the transformation.

About Ronny Deicke

Ronny is a Scrum Master and Agile coach with a developer and team lead background. Currently working as a part-time Scrum Master and in the rest of the time giving (agile) workshops, supporting people as a coach and Agile Coach. Video game enthusiast and Indie developer on the side.

You can link with Ronny Deicke on LinkedIn and connect with Ronny Deicke on Twitter.

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