Ronny Deicke: Meetings don’t solve problems, people do! A tough lesson for Scrum Masters

To try and help a team solve some of the issues they were already privately complaining about, Ronny organized an open space session. Unfortunately, the team did not bring up the issues they were facing. This led to Ronny realizing that it was not enough to have a space to talk about problems, there were other things missing for that team to be able to talk, and solve the problems they were facing. Listen in to learn about what Ronny tried next, and how well that worked.

About Ronny Deicke

Ronny is a Scrum Master and Agile coach with a developer and team lead background. Currently working as a part-time Scrum Master and in the rest of the time giving (agile) workshops, supporting people as a coach and Agile Coach. Video game enthusiast and Indie developer on the side.

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