Pieter Verbaarschott: Driving agile adoption as Scrum Masters

In this episode, Pieter shares the story of a transformation as it happened, from the initial steps to how it was managed and supported by the Scrum Masters in the organization.

Pieter shares how they came to define and develop a training program, and how they used ideas from Agile and Scrum to constantly improve and deliver the training to all the new hires for the company.

About Pieter Verbaarschott

Pieter is a hands-on generalist with a background in software development. A passion for helping teams work together better. Agile aficionado since his first endeavors in Extreme Programming. Happened to be among Agile Manifesto authors when the discussion was hot. And he refuses to work the traditional way. 

You can link with Pieter Verbaarschott on LinkedIn and connect with Pieter Verbaarschott on Twitter. 

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