Paddy Corry: Enabling Scrum teams to learn faster from the feedback they get

Building on feedback is one of the key aspects of Agile teams. What happens when the PO’s either help or prevent teams from learning from feedback? We explore that question in this episode.

The Great Product Owner: Enabling teams to learn faster from the feedback they get

In certain projects, it is more important than usual to build on the feedback we get from retrospectives and Sprint demos. In this segment, we talk about a different approach to refinement, enabled by the Product Owner, that allowed the team to learn quickly and delay decisions that would otherwise cause problems. 

The Bad Product Owner: The Solutions-pushing Product Owner.

Product Owners who want to help the teams move quickly can sometimes focus on delivering solution descriptions instead of problem descriptions and letting the team come up with the solution. In this segment, we talk about the PO that wanted to help the team but ended up creating more problems by pushing solutions and removing the motivation the teams have to find their own solutions.

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About Paddy Corry

Paddy was a developer for many years, after which he started his Scrum Master journey with special interest for coaching and developing the agile mindset. 

You can link with Paddy Corry on LinkedIn and connect with Paddy Corry on Twitter.

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