Stefania Marinelli: The PO that knew how to engage the Scrum Team

Working with the team, in the right way, is critical for the PO to succeed, so we explore what a great PO would do differently, and what are some of the anti-patterns we should be looking out for.

The Great Product Owner: The PO that engaged the Scrum Team

When the PO listens to the team, and works every day to help solve some of the blockers that that team is facing is on the path to being a great PO. But the key is when the PO is present with the team, not only to listen but to understand how to help the team succeed. When this happens, the PO is contributing to the team feeling engaged and passionate about their work!

The Bad Product Owner: The “New day, new priority” PO

In this segment, we discuss several anti-patterns to be on the look-out for. We talk about the PO that wants too much technical detail, and the constant change in priorities that sometimes comes from the Product Owner. 

Finally, we talk about decision making, and how important it is to have a PO that can bring the right people into a meeting to make quick decisions.

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About Stefania Marinelli

Stefania is an Agile Manager (Expedia group) former Scrum Master, former team leader/project manager, former developer. Stefania is fascinated by people dynamics and works every day to create a collaborative and safe environment. NVC practitioner.

You can link with Stefania Marinelli on LinkedIn and connect with Stefania Marinelli on Twitter

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