Sjoerd Nijland: Large Scrum adoption how to

As this story starts, Sjoerd had just joined a team that was helping an organization move from Waterfall to Scrum. The team decided to start with a large training effort and applied the “training from the back of the room” ideas. This is an approach that tries to maximize the learning in a classroom training setting, but also has critical insights for the role of the Scrum Master as a facilitator. 

But the transformation did not stop there, there were many other activities and approaches that Sjoerd and team used in that process. Listen in to learn the most important ones, and the critical lessons Sjoerd learned from that process.

About Sjoerd Nijland

Sjoerd is a founder of Serious Scrum, and creator of the Road to Mastery co-creative online training. Previously E-commerce manager at Bugaboo, and then Manager of Operations at Digital Agency Triggerfish.

You can link with Sjoerd Nijland on LinkedIn and connect with Sjoerd Nijland on Twitter.

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