Oskar Collin: Why relationships matter in the performance of a Scrum Product Owner

From the control-minded PO to the PO that wanted to learn and co-create with the team. This week’s PO patterns enlighten the need for focusing on the relationship building between the PO and the team, and the PO and the Scrum Master.

The Great Product Owner: The PO that wanted to run experiments

Great PO’s come in many shapes and forms, in this episode, we talk about the great PO that wanted to run experiments, to learn what worked in practice. We also talk about the importance of the relationship between Scrum Master and PO, and how that partnership can drive the success of the PO and the team.

The Bad Product Owner: The Control Freak

There are many reasons why the PO’s may not be able to perform as needed in a Scrum environment. However, the toughest reasons or root causes for that lack of performance are often tied to the PO’s own personality. In this segment, we talk about the reasons why some PO’s can’t give up control, and how that search for control directly affects the team’s ability to perform.

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About Oskar Collin

Oskar is a former software developer who became a passionate agile coach and Scrum master. He did so mainly because he was better at helping teams working together than building software. He loves experiments and questioning the status quo. He is passionate about helping teams build digital products and deliver value continuously. 

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