Oskar Collin: The Scrum Master as a status chaser, Anti-pattern

As Scrum Masters, we often want to help the PO, or other stakeholders that ask us questions. This wish to please can sometimes lead to the Scrum Master becoming a “status chaser” for the remote or otherwise absent stakeholder. In this episode, we talk about the dangers of becoming a “status chaser” as a Scrum Master, and how to help the team take ownership of the communication with the PO.

About Oskar Collin

Oskar is a former software developer who became a passionate agile coach and Scrum master. He did so mainly because he was better at helping teams working together than building software. He loves experiments and questioning the status quo. He is passionate about helping teams build digital products and deliver value continuously. 

You can link with Oskar Collin on LinkedIn and connect with Oskar Collin on Twitter. 

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