Anubhuti Agarwal: Extreme ownership, the Product Owner’s secret power

Feeling ownership of the product, and performing like an owner is one that really differentiates great PO’s from the rest. We also discuss what happens when the PO takes their role as a part-time job

The Great Product Owner: The impact of feeling the ownership of the Product

Although the clue is in the name, the fact is that many Product Owners miss the impact of that ownership perspective on the role. In this segment, we discuss what Ownership means for the PO role and the impact that it can have in the team when the PO expresses that feeling of ownership.

The Bad Product Owner: The part-time Product Owner

The PO role is not a part-time role. However, some people tend to think that it is possible to perform that role successfully while also being a leader of a department or organization. In this segment, we discuss the anti-patterns that emerge when the PO role is taken as a part-time job. We also discuss some of the ways in which the Scrum Master can help the PO realize the impact they have on the team when they are not available full-time.

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About Anubhuti Agarwal

Anu is a software tester turned Scrum master. She worked as Software QA in India for 6 years and then moved to Berlin to complete her Masters in Business Administration. She has been working as a Scrum Master for 3 years in an agency and has learned, first hand, the challenges of working with Agile in an agency.

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