Thomas von Busse: Improve as a Scrum Master with pair-coaching

To be able to help our teams, as Scrum Masters we must always be ready to keep improving our skills and our toolbox. In this episode, we talk about the power of pair-coaching with other Scrum Masters. Thomas describes his “co-driver” program, where he invites other Scrum Masters to come and join him and the teams he works with. We also discuss some of the benefits he’s seen come out of that “co-driver” program.

About Thomas von Busse

Thomas is a Scrum Master since 2013. After his Bachelors’s Degree in Software Engineering, he gained experience as a Programmer and uses this deep understanding of how to build software systems to help his Teams get better with each iteration. 

You can link with Thomas von Busse on LinkedIn and connect with Thomas von Busse on Twitter.

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