SUPER SPECIAL: LIVE Q&A with Molood Ceccarelli on #Remote work

Molood joins us in the special LIVE Q&A episode to talk about Distributed Agile software development and many tools, tips, tricks, and techniques for teams that just recently moved to a #Remote-first work setting.

The POWER framework for successful #Remote meetings

There are many reasons to move to a Distributed or #Remote work setup, we discuss some of those reasons and discuss the POWER framework for online meetings, to help you set up your meetings for success.

POWER is an acronym for the following:

  • Purpose (why is the meeting necessary?)
  • Outcomes (what do we want to achieve, where’s the value in the meeting?)
  • What’s in it for them (why should stakeholders attend the meeting?)
  • Engagement (how are you going to ensure that participants are engaged?)
  • Roles and responsibilities (who does what?)

Using this framework you can better prepare your next online meeting.

Fostering a culture of feedback for #Remote/Distributed Agile teams

One of the questions we tackled in this LIVE Q&A was how to foster a culture of feedback in distributed teams. When going #Remote, feedback is even more important, and the prevalence of written communication also presents some challenges.

We mention the IMPACT feedback approach, which focuses on the impact that another colleague’s behavior had on us, instead of judging (projecting meaning) on the actions from others.

We also mention the Non-Violent Communication approach, which we have covered here on the podcast before.

Other questions we cover in this episode

In this episode, we also cover other questions from the audience:

  • How to prepare and host engaging online meetings?
  • When faced with the uncertainty of the #covid19 situation, how can we prepare better for this specific context?
  • How can we help teams collaborate when they are distributed across multiple timezones?

Resources for distributed/#Remote agile teams

For those interested in diving deeper to the topic of distributed work and remote teams, you can follow the Remote Forever Summit, or read the book Work Together Anywhere by Lisette Sutherland.

About Molood Ceccarelli

Molood Ceccarelli is the founder and owner of Remote Forever and is behind the organization of the world’s first fully web-based Agile Remote summit, the Remote Forever Summit. She’s also a certified scrum master and has worked as an agile coach with clients all over the world.

You can link with Molood Noori on LinkedIn and connect with Molood Noori on Twitter.