SUPER SPECIAL: LIVE Q&A on #Remote work with Johanna Rothman and Mark Kilby

Many of us are going #Remote because of the #covid19 situation world-wide. In this very special episode we cover tips, tricks and techniques on how Scrum Masters can help their teams go #Remote to thrive, not just survive.

In this episode, we mention a treasure trove of resources to help you in your adaptation to #Remote work. You can find those below

Resources for going #Remote and Distributed Agile teams

When working with distributed/#Remote teams, one critical aspect is how to keep the team engaged with the work and each other. In this book, Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer explain in The Progress Principle, how normal, everyday work events can engage your colleagues.

Johanna Rothman also shared a series of blog posts on building resilience in your distributed/#Remote Agile teams.

When #covid19 forced us to adopt a #Remote-first approach to work, many of us faced the reality of corporate restrictions. It may have been restrictions to the bandwidth usage, or the dictated tools by corporate IT that did not support #Remote work. In the LIVE Q&A an attendee asked a question about the lack of company support for the needs of a newly #Remote workforce. Johanna was inspired by that question to write this blog post with a message to all corporate managers faced with a recently distributed workforce.

Johanna also shared in her blog a post with tips for recently distributed/#Remote agile teams, as well as tips on how to manage the #Remote workday, which imposes different demands on our management of time when compared to “just another day at the office”.

Mark and Johanna’s course on distributed Agile teams

Mark and Johanna published a book for distributed Agile teams: From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams: Collaborate to Deliver, and also have available a course on Distributed Agile.

About Johanna Rothman and Mark Kilby

Johanna Rothman, known as the “Pragmatic Manager,” provides frank advice for your tough problems. She helps leaders and teams see problems and resolve risks and manage their product development. Johanna is the author of fourteen books and hundreds of articles. Find the Pragmatic Manager, a monthly email newsletter, and her blogs at and

As an agile coach, Mark Kilby has cultivated more distributed and dispersed teams than collocated teams. He’s coached as a consultant, an internal coach, and as a facilitator of distributed professional communities. His easy-going style helps teams learn to collaborate and discover their path to success and sustainability.

See for his blog and articles.

You can find Johanna’s and Mark’s book on Amazon and LeanPub.

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