Bola Adesope: Kickstarting a cultural change for Scrum teams

We often hear about “cultural change”, and how important it is when adopting Agile. But how do we get that cultural change started? In this episode, we talk about 2 teams that needed to learn to apply Agile in a way that would foster collaboration and talk about how to get that change started. We discuss some of the steps that Bola followed and what he learned from that experience.

About Bola Adesope

Bola is an experienced Business and Agile Transformation Consultant, Speaker and Coach with in-depth knowledge and experience working with businesses in implementing best practice frameworks, driving changes and solving complex business problems. Bola has worked on several transformation initiatives, coached teams and Scrum Masters. He’s an Agile Coach based in Toronto.

You can link with Bola Adesope on LinkedIn and connect with Bola Adesope on Twitter.

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