Moana Pledger: From Agile to Waterfall and back again, an uplifting story

When Moana was asked to help this organization, she found a common anti-pattern: the teams had reverted back to Waterfall after their previous Agile Coach left. This is a very common pattern, and we must learn how to deal with it. In this episode, we explore the context of that organization and also learn about the techniques that Moana employed to help that organization get back on the Agile adoption path.

In this episode, we refer to Lean Coffee, a technique you can use to help teams talk and open up about their situation.

About Moana Pledger

Mo started her career in education and program management before moving into digital delivery. She’s pretty sure she was a servant-leader before she had even heard the term. Her passion is to build healthy teams and foster the all-important relationship between business and team, which allows a safe space for the magic to happen.

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2 thoughts on “Moana Pledger: From Agile to Waterfall and back again, an uplifting story”

  1. Thanks for sharing the story. I heard Mo say that the minute the agile coach left “everyone went back to waterfall”, and Vasco responded “That sounds familiar.” We all have the anecdotal evidence on this behavior, but is there any more comprehensive research to support what we know to be true? That insufficient time spent in changing the mindset of a team, and they will revert to their comfort zone.

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