Chelsie Raiola: Helping Scrum teams learn how to re-team, accept new team members

Teams can’t always remain the same over time. What happens when the team needs to change its composition, or even work with new colleagues but refuses to do so? In this episode, we explore how Scrum Masters can help teams accept new team members and adapt to the inevitable organizational changes that will happen over time.

Featured Book for the Week: The Pocket Guide to Scrum by Gunther Verheyen

In The Pocket Guide to Scrum by Gunther Verheyen (who was a guest previously on the podcast), Chelsie found a quick to read and easily understandable collection of tips for Scrum Masters. 

In this segment, we also refer to User Story Mapping by Jeff Patton (also a guest on the podcast) and The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim et al

About Chelsie Raiola

Chelsie has been working as a Scrum Master in the Greater Boston Area for just over two years. She has experience working with both co-located and distributed teams developing on-premise and SaaS solutions worldwide. She is an avid lover of technology, dogs, and bullet journals, Chelsie loves finding ways to bring Agile outside of the office.

You can link with Chelsie Raiola on LinkedIn.

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