Chelsie Raiola: Helping a DevOps team form and perform

A new team was formed, with new responsibilities. Now both that team and the others needed to adapt. How to help teams adopt and adapt to these new ways of releasing software? In this episode, we explore the DevOps change from the client team and provider team perspective. 

In this episode, we also refer to the Agile Online Meetup, a monthly event where we’ve discussed also the transformation into DevOps in an episode with Helen Beal (to be notified of upcoming Agile Online Meetup events organized by your Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast, sign-up to our mailing list and get 5 lessons from our Tips from the Trenches – Scrum Master edition).

About Chelsie Raiola

Chelsie has been working as a Scrum Master in the Greater Boston Area for just over two years. She has experience working with both co-located and distributed teams developing on-premise and SaaS solutions worldwide. She is an avid lover of technology, dogs, and bullet journals, Chelsie loves finding ways to bring Agile outside of the office.

You can link with Chelsie Raiola on LinkedIn.

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