Dirk Fabricius: Scrum Master Journal, a tool to survive large scale Agile adoption (and 9 other tools)

In large organizations, Agile adoption is often a long and complicated process of constant expectation management for both stakeholders and Scrum Masters. In this episode, Dirk shares with us his experience with the Scrum Master Journal, a tool that helps him reflect and survive large scale adoption.

Dirk also has 9 other tools to share with us that will help your Scrum Master journey.

In this episode, we refer to Battle Mapping and some practical tips on how to get help from the other Scrum Masters.

About Dirk Fabricius

Dirk has worked in jobs with IT focus for 20 years. He has had the roles of Project Lead, Developer (Backend), Product Owner and Scrum Master. He’s also been a Teacher in Public Schools for 7 years.

You can link with Dirk Fabricius on LinkedIn.

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