Dirk Fabricius: How Scrum Masters can navigate Agile adoption in large organizations

What can a Scrum Master do when they are part of Agile adoption in a large organization? In this episode, we explore some of the common problems you should be ready for. Dirk shares with us what he learned and how Scrum Masters can prepare for the predictable problems they will face.

In this episode, we refer to the technique “Battle Mapping (PDF at Scribd)” that can help Scrum Masters understand where to put their focus during a transformation.

About Dirk Fabricius

Dirk has worked in jobs with IT focus for 20 years. He has had the roles of Project Lead, Developer (Backend), Product Owner and Scrum Master. He’s also been a Teacher in Public Schools for 7 years.

You can link with Dirk Fabricius on LinkedIn.

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