Dirk Fabricius: Helping Scrum teams survive micromanagement

Sooner or later, Scrum Masters will face the micro-management anti-pattern. What should Scrum Masters do in that case? In this episode, we talk about the anti-patterns that can emerge in a team that is subject to micro-management and some of the tools that Scrum Masters can use in those situations.

We discuss the Game of Trust (GDoc link) (here’s another Game of Trust you can use) and the Niko Niko Calendar.

Featured book for the Week: Scrum Mastery by Geoff Watts

Geoff Watts has been a past guest of the Scrum Master Toolbox podcast, and is also the author of Scrum Mastery: From Good To Great Servant-Leadership. In that book, Dirk found out about servant leadership and how that could change his approach to the Scrum Master role.

In this segment, we also mention Scrum for the people by Tobias Mayer and Product Mastery by Geoff Watts.

About Dirk Fabricius

Dirk has worked in jobs with IT focus for 20 years. He has had the roles of Project Lead, Developer (Backend), Product Owner and Scrum Master. He’s also been a Teacher in Public Schools for 7 years.

You can link with Dirk Fabricius on LinkedIn.

3 thoughts on “Dirk Fabricius: Helping Scrum teams survive micromanagement”

  1. Hi Vasco,
    you mentioned the game of trust that you played in this great episode.
    The link here seems to describe a different Game of Trust setup from what you described.
    Do you happen to have the correct link / description somewhere?
    I’d love to play the game with my colleagues πŸ™‚

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Hi Thomas, Hi Vasco,

    Thomas is referring to the game of trust you mentioned in the episode. I’ve not played it before, but the setting you described was:
    There is at least one traitor in the round (afterwards there has been none)
    Every participant gets to draw part of a map
    At the end everyone suspected everyone.
    Do you have a link/slides for that? I’d love to play also πŸ™‚

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