Susanne Taylor: The dangers and the losses from over-planning and how to overcome those

When organizations bring people together in a team and then add a “planning” factor on top of them to “steer” them in the right direction, they might be losing the most powerful contribution of a team.

In this episode, we discuss what Susanne learned from a situation where she overplanned things, and did not give the team enough freedom and space to bring in their skills and knowledge. A brilliant reminder that we, as Scrum Masters, must focus on the team, not the work! Let the team focus on the work, while you focus on the team.

About Susanne Taylor

Susanne is a transition coach, which translates to roles as: change management facilitator, organizational development consultant, scrum master, agile coach and community manager. (Often simultaneously.) Susanne has learned to be adaptable and resilient after having lived in Alaska, Japan, Taiwan and now Germany. She is passionate about accompanying people on journeys of transformation. (And she considers herself an introvert.)

You can link with Susanne Taylor on LinkedIn and connect with Susanne Taylor on Twitter.

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