Bradley Pohl: Evidence-based Product Ownership

Product Owners that have a command and control mentality can derail the team. We discuss this and other topics on this Product Owner focused episode.

The Product Owner pattern for the week

Product Owners that focus on command and control will quickly become too busy to be able to help the team, but that’s usually made a lot worse when the Product Owner has multiple roles. These are the 2 anti-patterns we talk about in this episode.

The Product Owner anti-pattern for the week

When it comes to good Product Owner patterns, we discuss the need to be open to learning from the team, the market and stakeholders. We also discuss evidence-based product ownership.

In this episode, we refer to The Professional Product Owner by Don McGreal and Ralph Jocham.

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About Bradley Pohl

Bradley is a young Scrum Master working for a mid-sized US bank that is currently undergoing an “Agile Transformation.” As a part of the Transformation, his training consisted of a 4 week Agile boot camp that was designed to build scrum masters from the ground-up. In his free time, he applies lean and agile principles to designing websites and providing social media advertising to local small business as Catch On, at

You can link with Bradley Pohl on LinkedIn.

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